Chapter 11 Textile Company


  • One of the largest manufacturers of textiles in the US
  • Company had entered Chapter 11, fired their CEO and was sitting on significant unsold inventory
  • Turnaround executive had been hired as CEO by breditors


  • Retained to identify opportunities to build a plan to exit Chapter 11
  • We undertook an analysis of market trends and business practices to build a plan to turnaround the business
  • Undertook market analysis, including competitive analysis
  • Conducted a product portfolio analysis, along with a customer profitability analysis
  • Reviewed costs and operating procedures
  • Evaluated executive positions


  • Developed a new strategy focused on priority markets where the client had a competitive advantage and potential for growth
  • Rationalized their product portfolio that included 67,000+ SKUS
  • IdentifiedĀ opportunities for cost reduction
  • Revised organization structure with recommendations on executives to fill roles