B2B Information Services Company


  • Global B2B sales division of a major media company with 600+ sales personnel
  • $800MM business which was experiencing major declines in sales


  • We undertook a right-sizing of the business to immediately adjust to significantly lower revenue. Eliminated 20% in costs within 5 months, net of investments in growth markets
  • Analyzed the entire sales organization, including sales processes, sales productivity, tools, organization structure and sales metrics


  • Re-organized the sales force to align it with the reality of how the market had changed
  • Created hunter and account management specialists
  • Developed a plan for a new inside sales organization in the US and Europe
  • Redesigned the entire sales process to become more customer focused not activity focused
  • Defined new metrics to manage rep performance
  • Identified and eliminated non-productive sales time, reducing it from 40% to 20%
  • Trained the sales management team to cascade down the new processes & approaches to the entire sales team