B2B Media Company


  • The industry had undergone fundamental changes and our client was looking to re-organize its global sales organization to align with the new reality of their business
  • Western European and US markets had limited growth potential, while Asia had untapped potential
  • Average deal size had declined from $100K+ to under $12K
  • The client was introduced product spin-offs to target new industry segments


  • We reviewed the business strategy and using our framework, identified changes that were needed to support the business strategy
  • We determined the cost of sales, the profitability of sales and other key metrics to understand baseline performance and how it needed to change
  • We interviewed key stakeholders including sales management, Presidents of each division to align on objectives


  • We restored the sales team by changing the mix of inside and field reps. Key centers were identified for the inside sales teams to service Western Europe and the US, while the number of field sales personnel were increased in key centers in Asia
  • A process was developed with marketing to develop leads for the inside sales team
  • Rules of engagement were defined for the hand-off from inside sales to the field team
  • New performance metrics were established