Major European Retail Holding Company

Situation: London based client’s retail operations consisted of physical stores spanning 3 different brands in the home improvement & decor market Looking to establish an online presence that was a unique brand in the home decor space and leveraged their existing operations Engagement: Led a team of consultants to develop the concept, brand attributes, launch […]

Apparel Retailer

Situation: Canadian division of US retailer was experiencing declining sales and margin performance Engagement: Undertook an analysis of the market and competition Undertook primary consumer research with customers, lapsed customers and non-customers to understand the retailer vs. competition from a consumer perspective Interviewed key retail personnel Analyzed store level data to understand impact of store […]

Hospitality Division of Media Company

Situation: Our client was distant number 2 in the market, experiencing slow decline in the business and a continuing loss from operations Engagement: Retained to identify opportunities to capture market share and improve profitability Undertook research with client’s customers, end consumers and hotel operators to understand market trends and customer pain points Repositioned our client’s […]