Why Strategy Execution Unravels—and What to Do About It

By Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes and Charles Sull Since Michael Porter’s seminal work in the 1980s we have had a clear and widely accepted definition of what strategy is—but we know a lot less about translating a strategy into results. Books and articles on strategy outnumber those on execution by an order of magnitude. And […]

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management

By N. Anand and Jean-Louis Barsoux Corporate transformations still have a miserable success rate, even though scholars and consultants have significantly improved our understanding of how they work. Studies consistently report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop—either they fail to deliver the anticipated benefits or they are abandoned entirely. Because flawed implementation is most […]

Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”

By Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, David S. Duncan For as long as we can remember, innovation has been a top priority—and a top frustration—for leaders. In a recent McKinsey poll, 84% of global executives reported that innovation was extremely important to their growth strategies, but a staggering 94% were dissatisfied with their […]